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We hope you have enjoyed your stay.

The goal here is to part ways in a friendly manner with the Landlord, and have your Security Deposit returned.



Give notice! This should be done by raccomandata (registered post) if checking out earlier than stated in your rental  contract. Check your Cancellation Policy.

Confirm check out day and time with the Landlord.

Document (via photographs if significant) and report any damages and discuss with the Landlord a mutually agreed remedy.

Discuss receipt of Security Deposit with the Landlord, both timing and form of payment

Clarify expectations of how to leave the property, linen, garbage, walls etc



Read any necessary utility meters and settle any final bills.



Fix any damages or inform and discuss with the landlord well before check out. This way you have time to decide on a fair compensation and remedy.



Remove food from the shelves and drawers from the refrigerator and freezer and defrost the freezer.

Clean the oven.

Clean all plates, glasses, cooking utensils, etc and leave kitchen area tidy.



Leave clean or as previously agreed.



Remove any remaining garbage from the apartment, including old unwanted clothes, magazines…



Put all furniture in same position as found.



Most likely you will be charged a final cleaning fee however you are still expected to leave the apartment in an ‘as found’ and tidy condition including the condition of the walls. A few little marks are usually ok but if there are a lot little marks or even a few very big marks then these must be remedied.



Redirect post



Inform and cancel any utility providers (if applicable) (Electricity, gas, internet, garbage)



Before check-out from the property, do a thorough walkthrough to ensure you have all of your belongings.

Book a taxi or shuttle.


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