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CribMed has a large following in the expatriate network and is closely associated with Expats Living in Rome, Internations and many relocation agencies. We often sponsor events and have a consistent presence in this sector. We would like to offer you the opportunity to access our network of foreign professionals.


Why rent your place with Crib Med?


  • Quality clientele – Access our network of foreign professionals or students seeking furnished monthly rentals for medium term periods ranging from 1 month to 18 months +
  • No subscription costs and no commissions. As long as you have professional and real photos of the property you can create your listing for free and pay NO commissions.  If you need help then contact a friend of Crib Med that has offered a photo package deal of the century. Click here for details.
  • Free property consultation for every Landlord. After this meeting, you will have the knowledge on how to rent your property successfully to foreign professionals working for embassies and many international companies


Crib Med has a reputation that offers the finest homes for monthly property rentals in Italy


In 2018 we implemented an online platform to manage more efficiently the influx of requests from our foreign professional and student clientele.


Our network consists of professionally minded people that seek furnished property rentals from 1 to 18 months


We understand the concerns and needs of Landlords and we aim to provide high quality respectable and reliable clients.
Monthly rentals offer many benefits for owners including yearly earnings that are at least in line with those from traditional rentals but with the advantage of having better access to your property.


Before you accept any booking you will know the following about each client


  • Nationality
  • Job or profession of client
  • How many tenants
  • Reason for travel
  • Age Range



Our clients come to us because we make renting a property easy.

We promote renting conditions according to international standards that our clients are used to.

So we can fulfill our promise to our clients we require all Landlords who list their properties on to agree to the following requirements:


  • Security Deposit – 1 or 2 months maximum. Our clients will not pay more than this or buy bank guarantees. If you will insist on this then our clients will not be a good match for you.
  • Cancellation Policy – 1 or 2 months maximum. A lot of our clients request the diplomatic cancellation policy clause of 1 or 2 months. If you insist on a 3 month or more cancellation policy our clients will not be a good match for you.
  • Titleholder of Property – The appropriate documentation must be verified.
  • Registered Contracts – rental contracts must be registered. See some sample contracts here.
  • Internet – Fast ADSL or Fiber Optic internet must be installed and ready to go
  • Utilities included in price (€100 limit) – If the client exceeds the limit they pay extra so there is no risk for Landlords. We will show you how to read your gas and electricity meter so you can monitor the tenant’s consumption in a clear and transparent way.
  • Preventative maintenance + a plan for emergency break downs
  • Furnished – Properties must have minimum recommended furnishing and appliances
  • Professional photos. As long as you have professional and real photos of the property you can create your listing for free and pay NO commissions.  If you need help then contact a friend of Crib Med that has offered a photo package deal of the century. Click here for details.


Properties should be fully furnished and equipped with a modern and fresh style, have a quality Internet connection (Wi-Fi) and be well connected to public transport and be located near the central most requested zones of Rome, such as Trastevere, Testaccio, San Saba, Monteverde Vecchio, Historic Centre, Vatican, Prati, Garbatella, San Giovanni, Monti e Trieste to name a few.

The 1st month rent is processed through the Crib Med online platform at the time of booking and held in our payment provider’s Escrow account until 48 hours after check-in. Any following rent payments (if any), and Security Deposits are made directly between Landlord and Tenant.

Yes of course! You can accept or decline any Request. Before you accept any bookings feel free to ask any questions regards the potential tenant. Crib Med will facilitate any communication needed. After the Tenant has paid the Down-Payment you will have direct contact with the Tenant.

Free to list and currently Crib Med charges no commissions to Landlords. However you are required to pay a photographer of our choice to take professional video, floorplan and photos, starting from €99 + tax (up to 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms). These remain the property of the Landlord.

You the Landlord are responsible for collecting all monthly rent and expenses and Security Deposit. TransferWise is a trusted option.

The Crib Med online platform facilitates only the first month rent payment.

Yes of course! Although Crib Med will facilitate this.

This depends on the Cancellation Policy you stated in the conditions on the listing and therefore what is stated in the contract directly between you both.

Yes they can however they will lose their initial Down-Payment including the first month rent to you.

Yes, however we do not encourage this as it will create a lot of stress for our clients. If the reason to cancel is not serious we may consider to cancel your membership with our site.

Click on Submit Property or Add New Listing at the top of our website and follow instructions. Any questions we are here to help. Once you have uploaded photos and details including address we will contact you to make an appointment to meet you and view and verify the property and give any necessary tips for the photo-shoot. Listings do not go live until after verification and the official video and media are uploaded.




Fulvio Marelli

I’ve been CribMed’s client for a while now. Fully satisfied with the service. Timing and precision are essential in this domain.. in Rome more than ever: to be assisted in Rome with an Anglo Saxon approach was definitely a plus! Fully recommended!


Paola Murrone

I CribMed team si presenta serio ed accurato nel proprio lavoro. Riesce a soddisfare al massimo il cliente dedicando molta attenzione ai particolari. Non mancano, inoltre, onestà e trasparenza. La mia attività con il team è stata perfetta, raccomando decisamente CribMed.



Valentina Zaccarelli

Anytime I’ve rented my apartment in Rome through CribMed, all has been really easy and fast. This is because the Cribmed team is very professional and careful with both parties. They are really able to understand what clients need and the website clarifies all details and conditions in a transparent approach: the perfect combination of qualities for not wasting time and having happy tenants.

Patrizia di Gregorio


Expats Living in Rome

I am the founder of Expats living in Rome and only refer and promote businesses that I trust and offer good services. Everyone I have referred to CribMed has had positive results and this is important to me and Expats Living in Rome.