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Proper and regular rental property maintenance is essential for keeping the apartment in good condition and for hosting satisfied tenants. It is the Landlord’s duty to prepare the apartment before a new tenant moves in. This includes not only cleaning the apartment but also, among other things, having all appliances inspected regularly and checking that all appliances work properly, that the pipes are not blocked, that the kitchenware is complete etc.

After check-in, it is not always clearly defined who (Tenant v Landlord) should fix or maintain what? As Users of this site we hope both Landlords and Tenants will take advantage of the following article as a guideline of fair maintenance responsibility.


Before check-in, Landlord should clear out the apartment from anything left from the previous tenant. Also the Landlord should:

  • Clean the apartment;
  • Ensure smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working;
  • Provide clean towels, linen and pillows in good condition
  • Replace burned out light bulbs;
  • Confirm that air conditioning functions properly; clean air-conditioning filters and ensure all units are charged with gas for at least 3 months;
  • Replace batteries in TV, air-conditioning and other remotes;
  • Clean dish-washer filters and add salt;
  • Clean washing machine and clean washing-machine filters;
  • Clean taps and shower heads from calcium;
  • Clean inside of the refrigerator and freezer and ensure there is no build up of of ice;
  • Eliminate any mold present;
  • Ensure drains aren’t blocked.
  • Ensure hot water boiler is set appropriately and functioning;
  • Ensure citofono and keys work;
  • Confirm internet functions;
  • Check that all appliances work (TV, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing-machine, microwave, AC etc)
  • Provide basic cleaning supplies for the tenant (broom & dustpan, mop & bucket, detergent, toilet paper, new dish cloth and detergent, clothes washing powder)


The tenant should do a thorough walk through and check these things in particular:
  • Take photos of any existing damages and send to Landlord. This is a great tool to use at check out and advantageous for both the Tenant and the Landlord. Try do this within the first 48 hours of check-in;
  • Check the hot water works;
  • Check the air conditioning works;
  • Check the heating works;
  • Test internet with designated password and online search;
  • Keys work – apartment door, building door, any gates if applicable, post box if applicable;
  • Garbage instructions;
  • Maintenance & Emergency –  what to do if locked-out, contact details of person responsible;
Know whereabouts of:
  • Apartment instructions complete with appliance manuals;
  • Electrical master switch / s;
  • Water valve to turn off in emergency;
  • Gas valve to turn off in emergency



Use this list bearing in mind that everything should function at check in

Maintenance issue Landlord Tenant
Leakages or broken pipes  
Blocked toilet or drains or taps  
Hot Water Boiler
Safety compliant and serviced (annually)
Hot Water Boiler
Buy and replace the calcium filter (every 3 months or when necessary)
Cleaning of radiators of calcium and bleeding etc, leaks
Gas, cleaning of filters, remote batteries
For stays 3 months +
Gas and cleaning of filters, remote batteries
For stays 3 months -
Broken Remote
Normal wear & tear
Broken Remote
Misuse ie being dropped ie cracked screen or cover etc.
In general, the Landlord’s responsibility however if negligence or misuse, Tenant can be held responsible
Contacting supplier (Telecom etc) for malfunction or downtime etc.
Landlord should give Tenant all necessary info to be able to call support including passwords, username etc
For stays 3 months +
Contacting supplier (Telecom etc) for downtime etc.
For stays 3 months -
Due to misuse ie cracked glass door, not cleaned regularly this becomes the responsibility of the Tenant
Stove Top  
Stove Top
Due to misuse because of blocked gas holes due to cooking liquids overflowing and blocking etc
Washing Machine  
Washing Machine
Due to misuse ie pump breaks because the filter hasn’t been cleaned
Due to misuse ie pump breaks because the filter hasn’t been cleaned
Light bulbs, batteries for remotes or smoke alarm & Co2 alarms,  


Being proactive is always more convenient than reactive and it is recommended that as a tenant you should get a technician ideally every 3 months or at most every 6 months to come and do several maintenance tasks such as:

  • clean or change tap filters,
  • clean or change shower head,
  • clean and unblock drains,
  • clean filters in washing machine and dishwasher
  • clean toilet flush (calcium deposits)
  • clean air conditioning filters, check gas
  • change the hot water calcium filter,
  • replace batteries in remotes and smoke and Co2 alarms.
  • replace any light bulbs
  • clean stove top gas rings

It’s only about 1-2 hours work + material and a good investment to help having a stress free life.


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