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A good property description sells a lifestyle the potential client can have if they choose your place to live.

Think of what the potential client will do in the morning (breakfast on the balcony in the morning sun), how they will go to work (well connected), where they will buy fresh fruit and veg, what their children can do in the neighborhood, what they can do in the evening (aperitivo on the balcony watching the sunset, a dinner party with friends in front of the fire, cinema nearby…)

One of the best ways to create your property description is to imagine you have just seen a property that you are excited about and are on the phone telling your best friend about the property. The phone part is important, as you have no visual aids you really need to paint a clear picture so your friend can be as excited as you. If your property is a large property with many bedrooms and ideal for a family you should envisage the property is for you and your family explaining all the relative points (spacious, relative amenities, safety, nearby playground, park for the dog, etc). If the property is smaller and ideal for a single person or a couple then explain all the things that would excite you if you were single or as a couple with no children.

There are two important parts – the headline and the description. Creating the description first makes choosing an apt headline easier as you will have lots of ideas and phrases to choose from. You will also better understand your target market/client.



The headline is the hook – the billboard that will determine if someone stops skimming through dozens of listings and clicks through to read yours.

If your headline doesn’t target the specific needs and interests of the people who are most likely to be interested in your property, you’ll lose them.

How do you ensure it is effective?

Be Specific – Short and sweet covering the main points. Target the right audience who are a good fit for your property.

Key details

  • size
  • style
  • location, views

are all key details that are often relevant at this stage of a prospect’s search.



The description should be separated into two parts, property and location.



You should describe the

  • style of the property,
  • materials used in construction,
  • views, vibe
  • amenities
  • layout

A good brainstorming method is to pretend you are showing it starting from the front door as you walk in and as you go express the emotions that the property and its amenities evoke and point out how the reader’s daily life could be.



This should cover

  • the neighborhood,
  • playground and schools,
  • supermarket and markets,
  • parking and public transport,
  • sun, noise (or lack thereof), etc


Write in your own language, and use google translate to convert to English. To get the best results from Google translate try not to use slang and colloquial expressions as this makes it difficult for Google to translate correctly.


Get started…

  1. Target market – Decide who your ideal client is, and put yourself in their shoes.
  2. Property Description – Imagine you are the ideal client and are on the phone to a friend describing the property you think is ideal for yourself. Your aim is to get them as excited as you are.
  3. Location description – Do the same for the location.
  4. Headline – Using the property and location description create a catchy headline.


Useful phrases



Comes fully furnished with ___________

Modern kitchen fully equipped with all the gadgets including __________ & Energy efficient stainless steel appliances

Private bathroom

Tons of closet space

Hardwood floors

The lounge is warm and welcoming complete with a sofabed and large flatscreen TV

Centralized heating ensures you will be warm during the winter.

Air conditioning will keep you cool during the hot summer days.

Private livable balcony with room for a table and chair with breathtaking/amazing/great views overlooking a well-kept garden/a tree-lined street/a dramatic city skyline,



Located in the heart of ______________, Rome’s romantic Historic Centre

Private, Secluded, Quiet, Friendly, Lively, Urban:

Near, Convenient to _____, Only Steps from the _____

Well connected/Walking distance to all main attractions with _________just around the corner.

Directly overlooking

breathtaking views of

a magnificent backdrop of the












highest level


a life of luxury