Follow these top tips to help you get more booking requests and more suitable tenants.









A good property description sells a lifestyle the potential client can have if they choose your place to live. It can also help you target YOUR ideal tenants.

Read this article to help you create your property description.



Put how many guests can sleep in the complete apartment, including a sofabed (a proper sofa bed), and how many you are comfortable with staying there. Bear in mind people may search for a one bedroom apartment just for themselves (a couple) but search for a property rental with a sofabed to accommodate friends or family occasionally. In this case, they may select 3 as a minimum number when searching.

For example, if you prefer a maximum of 2 people, but your property does have a sofabed in the lounge (as well as a double bed in the bedroom), and you don’t mind the occasional extra guest we recommend selecting 3 or 4 guests, and then add a comment about this in the description.



The prices advertised should be inclusive of expenses. Yes, inclusive!

  • Condominium
  • Internet
  • Electricity    (€50)
  • Gas                (€50)
  • Garbage (for stays of up to 11 months. 12 months or more it is legally the tenant’s responsibility and they must actually put the garbage in their name)

Inclusive! You say. Isn’t that risky? What if they leave the air conditioning on 24 / 7, the bill will be astronomical.

There is no need to worry. You include a limit of €100 (€50 of gas and €50 of electricity). If they exceed they pay more.

Electricity – 200kWh=€50 thereafter €0.35 kWh

Gas – 50m/c=€50 thereafter €1.00m/c

Most owners consider this a fair formula.


How to monitor?

Using the meters is the most efficient and easiest way. You do a meter reading (take a photo) at check-in, and each month or every two months your tenant can send you an updated photo of the meters.

Actually doing it this way could be considered less risky as you are getting paid in advance for the expenses at the beginning of the month when then the tenant pays the rent.


Will I pay taxes on the expenses?

No. In the rental contract you should separate the rent and expenses. The professional who organizes your rental contract will help you here.

If you need help with this and would like to apply cedolare secca we recommend…

Ask for Migena Saliu


There are 4 levels of pricing:

  • 1-2 months,
  • 3-5 months,
  • 6-11 months,
  • 12+ months

We ask that you put how much it costs per month (NOT a total of 12 months).



For best results, you should use nice but realistic images of at least 1400 x 900.

Realistic – As many clients may not be able to view your property before they book it is very important to have clear and accurate photos that portray your property realistically. Some images can make properties seem larger or brighter than they actually are in real life, and this will cause disappointment at check-in.  While we recommend using a professional photographer, you should choose a professional that takes realistic shots.

Order – You should also order the photos where the images are grouped in a sensible manner. Startwith the ‘wow’ image and also make this the feature image (double click on it and a star will appear). This will appear in the search results. Then continue to order with the common spaces followed by bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.



It’s very important to be accurate when selecting the amenities your property has. Clients will be disappointed to arrive at check-in to find no sofabed when one was advertised in the listing.



Update your calendar immediately on creating your listing.

Updated calendars receive more booking requests as potential tenants searching can see when the calendar was last updated and generally don’t want to waste time if the calendar has not been updated for many months. We recommend updating the calendar once a month. If you have no new bookings, just click the button – calendar is up to date.

As a bonus, each time you update the calendar you get promoted to the home page!