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  • How can you make your place safe for tenants?

Contact Numbers:

  • Your contact number
  • Local Hospitals or doctors


(Explain where they are situated)

  • First aid kit
  • Smoke alarm
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Blanket


  • Clearly mark escape route on easily visible
  • point in home


  • Limit on number of tenants


  • Is your home safe for children?


  • Always be mindful of your tenants’ privacy. Fully disclose whether there are security cameras or other surveillance equipment at or around your listing.


  • Ensure your home is properly ventilated and that temperature control is clearly marked and functional. Ensure tenants are clear about how to safely use the heater.


  • How can I be mindful of my neighbours?

Building Rules:

  • Ensure you relay your building’s common area rules to your tenant.


  • If you don’t allow smoking, we suggest posting signs to remind tenants.


  • Ensure you relay parking rules for your building and neighbourhood to your tenant.


  • Remind tenants about keeping noise down.You may want to consider whether you allow babies, pets, or kids. Develop a policy about tenants inviting other people over, and ensure your tenants are clear about your ‘party policy.’


  • If you allow pets, ensure tenants are educated about things like local parks and local customs (e.g., cleaning up after your dog).


  • Which days and where? Recycling?
    What bags?


  • Consider whether you should notify your neighbours about your new tenants, along with your plan for how to make sure your tenants are not disruptive. Maybe introduce them to the neighbours.

House Rules:

  • To avoid surprises, you may want to include some of the information covered above in your House Rules in your CribMed listing.

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