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Request to Book

  • No payment required at this stage.
  • Landlords have 48 hours to respond.


After the Landlord Pre-Approves


  •  the booking request the Tenant has 48 hours to pay the Down-Payment (1st month rent + Crib Med Service Fee) by bank transfer. If the Down-Payment transfer is not initiated within 48 hours the Booking Request is void and the Landlord is notified.
  • This Down-Payment is processed on the Crib Med online platform and held in our payment provider’s Escrow account until after check-in.
  • Direct communication is now open between the Tenant and the Landlord to exchange important information needed for the rental contract, Security Deposit payment method, arrival instructions and check-in time.
  • If the Landlord declines the booking request the tenant will be notified immediately.
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