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We recommend using this checklist to help guide you during the walkthrough of your new home.

 Property tour  –  A walkthrough and introduction to your new home.

 Paperwork  –  Sign the contract and pay the Security Deposit.

 Apartment Guidebook  –  Where is this located?

 Maintenance request  –  Who to contact, and how?

 Emergency contact  – Who to call in the case of an emergency?

 Locks & keys  –  How many sets of keys? Control they all work!

 Mailbox & Doorbell  –  Where are they and can they be renamed?

 Garbage  –  Where?  Which days?  Recycle?

 Building Rules  –  Important to keep the neighbours happy.

 Meters  –  Where are the gas and electricity meters?

 Internet  –  Login & password

 Heating / Hot water  –  How do they work? How to reset?

 Water mains –  Where is this located and how to turn off?

 Appliances  –  How to use the washer, dishwasher, air conditioner, TV

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