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Arrival Checklist

For stays 3 months or longer a Crib Med representative will assist the Landlord at arrival to ensure a smooth check in. You will be walked through the arrival checklist below to help you settle in to your new home.



Do you know…

Property Tour Intro & inspection of the property
Paperwork Contract signing

Payments (Security Deposit)

Apartment Guidebook Where it is this located?
Maintenance Request How to request a repair?

Contact information for maintenance.

Emergency Contact Who to call in case of an emergency?
Locks/Keys How many sets?

Check keys open the following

Front Door (auto lock) DON’T LEAVE KEYS INSIDE DOOR

Building Front Door – Portone


Mailbox Citofono / Door buzzer (how to use, reassign name)

Mailbox key

Recycling/Garbage Where recycling and garbage may be deposited?

On which days/what hours can you take out recycling/garbage?

Where can you get more recycling/garbage bags?

Building Rules Quiet Time 13:00-16:00  and 22:00-7:00


Smoking Area

Bike area

Electricity Where is the breaker box?

Meter reading

Gas Where is gas mains valve?

Meter reading

Wifi Instructions The login/password?
Heat/Hot Water How to reset the hot water heater if there is no hot water?

Radiator function and thermostat.

Water Location of water mains valve?
Appliances How to use


Washing machine


Air conditioning


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