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January 28, 2021

Weekend Getaways from Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most charming European cities that attracts many tourists, especially for its sunny weather and beaches. However, if you’ve been living in this city for a while now, you might have already started to wonder about alternative locations to fulfill your needs for a bit of variety. Well, check out this list for a quick weekend getaway!



© Dorien Monnens | Unsplash

Situated on the western coast of Portugal, Ericeira is a small fishing village known for its amazing surf spots. In fact, the town is known for its reputation as “World Surfing Reserve” in 2011 that made it the most popular surf city. However, if you’re not up to surfing, you can use the time to relax with a lot of nice hostels to chose among. Another recommendation, if you love seafood, there are quite a few good restaurants!



40 minutes by car (48 km) / ~ 85 minutes by bus (Campo Grande Bus Station)



© Diego Delso | Wikiwand

Once you arrive in Sintra, you will see the high mountains adorned with castles and walls that are visible from the beautiful city center. This mystical beauty calls for you to do hiking and reach to see the history of Portugal. Once you reach there and pass through the passageway, check out the Quinta Regaleria Mason Well that unlike any other kind. Apart from that, the colorful Palàcio de Pena and Castelo dos Muros -ancient stones- are a must-see. It is easy to reach to Sintra, there are local buses and trains that you can get every hour.

For more transportation details you can check the website



30 minutes by car (28 km) / ~ 59 minutes by bus



© Abspires40 | Wikimedia

Cascais is a coastal town known for its illuminated marinas at night. It is mainly popular during summer and there are plenty of bus rides from the station of Lisbon. It is a traditional fishing town with grand mansions and museums. One of the most attractive places to visit is the Casa de Santa Maria which was once a luxurious residence overlooking the landscape of the town.



34 minutes by car (33 km) / ~ 60 minutes by bus



© Bernardo Ferreria | Pixabay

If you are looking more for a historical or religious trip you can choose Fàtima which was a city named after a 12th-century princess. Since 1917, the sanctuary has been one of the most visited and greatest shrines in the world. After visiting the great sanctuary and the Basilica of Fatima, if you have time, we recommend you see the Serras de Aire e Candeiros Nature Park which is a site of limestone formations.

You can read the history and have more information from



80 minutes by car (128 km) / ~ 140 minutes by bus



© Regenia Fondren | Pixy

Another historical town near Lisbon is Evora, this city is built on ancient Roman ruins and dates back to more than 5000 years. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage list thanks to the great architecture and history you can find here. The Roman Temple (Temple of Diana) is remarkably in good shape and it is easily noticeable in the city center. Near this temple, you can visit the Evora Cathedral and the Church of Saint Francis as well.



90 minutes by car (133 km) / ~ 105 minutes by bus



© Jorge Brazil | Wikimedia

Situated 80 km to the north of Lisbon, Obidos is a town with small village houses that make it look like Greek islands. It has a great landscape mixed with nature and historical buildings and since it is a coastal town, it has a castle and the walls all around that create the cobbled streets. During summer, the city gets plenty of tourists, so we recommend you to go in less crowded seasons. If you go there, we recommend you try the famous drink Ginja de Obidos, a traditionally flavored liqueur made from local sour cherries.



60 minutes by car (85km)  /  70 minutes by bus

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