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December 3, 2020

Weekend Getaways from Berlin

Berlin is a lovely city full of attractions, here you can find almost everything you are looking for. However, there are some times that we all want to have a little break and find some relaxation. For this reason, we have listed out the most attractive and easy-to-reach places that you sure must visit!


Spreewald Forest

Day trip from berlin

Spreewald | ©herbert2512 | Pixabay


This enchanting biosphere is home to numerous species of animals and plants that is hard to see all together. In fact, the area is on the UNESCO Biosphere list since 1991. There are plenty of boutique hotels where you can stay for a night and enjoy the sound of the birds and fresh air.

Travel time from Berlin:

1 hour by car (85 km) / ~ 1,5 hour by train


Harz Forest and Mountains

river near berlin



Situated in the Northern Germany, this mystic forest is rich in ecologic landscapes if you’re interested in photography! Some people are living in Harz National Park so you might come across some medieval villages and cobbled streets that are typical of this region.

Travel time from Berlin:

3 hours by car (250 km) / ~ 3,5 hours by train


Sächsische Schweiz

sunset near berlin

Basteibrücke Sächsische Schweiz | ©Seaq68 | Pixabay


Do you like Avatar movies? Imagine being inside one of them! This magical hill has over 1000 climbing peaks between Germany and Czechia, allowing each of them the perfect view for the sunset. The best and the most famous one is the hiking trail Malerweg that leads to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. In fact, the area is known for its legends and stories. There are choices for routes extending over 10 kilometers over Kleiner Winterberg. However, if you would like to do some free climbing, we recommend you to follow up the strict rules!

Travel time from Berlin:

3,5 hours by car (250 km) / ~ 5 hours by train



lake near berlin

©Jean-Pierre Dalbéra | Flickr


If you’re not up to going to the mountains or if you’re more of a relaxed person rather than an adventurer, Wannsee is the place you’re looking for. Especially during summer, Wannsee is a great place for outdoor swimming where thousands of people come to take a sunbath and cycle in nature. There are plenty of other activities, you can enjoy watching peacocks, visit the House of Wannsee Conference – a lakeside villa that was once home to Nazis, now a museum-, or take a tour at the white castle. There are also boat trips that range from 30 minutes to 1,5 hours depending on the service you would like to get on board.


Travel time from Berlin:

37 minutes by car (25 km) / ~ 30 minutes by train



bush close to berlin

©Marcus Cyron | Wikimedia


Rüdersdorf is a great place whether you would like to surf, fish or have a paddle tour in the nature. There are plenty of places to visit as well, the Museum Park offers site visits. In fact, this is the place where the skeleton of Nothosaurus, an otter-sized marine dinosaur, was found. It can be seen in the museum along with the fossils that were found in the area. However, this place is also particular for the rich white gold and limestone that were quarried about 800 years ago.

Travel time from Berlin:

48 minutes by car (30.4 km) / ~ 50 minutes by train

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