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How to get a Codice Fiscale
How to get a Codice Fiscale
A resident or non-resident in Italy you will absolutely need this – not just for tax purposes as the name implies, but for just about anything – if you want to:
11 Jan, 2022 , 0
Quanto è importante il colore in una casa? Sicuramente si tratta di una delle più emozionanti materie prime nel mondo attraverso il quale si può trovare protezione, sollievo, pace, allegria, ispirazione e molto altro.
20 Dec, 2021 , 0
Common Italian Gestures and When to Use Them
Common Italian Gestures and ...
If you would like to learn the most common hand gestures in Italy and express yourself like an Italian, check out our list!
15 Mar, 2021 , 0
5 Life Changing Italian Digital Services
5 Life Changing Italian Digi...
In Italy, most of the daily tasks can be done easily through apps and save yoou time. If you want to know how to use these life changing apps just click on the link!
23 Feb, 2021 , 0
House maintenance tasks, symptoms, and solutions
House maintenance tasks, sym...
If you do the following tasks 3 to 4 times a year, these little, unnecessary, annoying, stressful moments in your daily life will disappear.
5 Feb, 2021 , 0
Getting a driver’s license in Italy
Getting a driver’s license i...
Can I drive in Italy? Is my license valid? For how long? Can I convert my license to an Italian driver's license? We have the answers...
18 Jan, 2021 , 0
Relocating to Italy – Questions and Answers
Relocating to Italy – Questi...
This is why we have made a shortlist of questions about relocating to Italy that appear in everyone’s minds and answered them for you.
27 Dec, 2020 , 0
Mobile Networks in Italy
Mobile Networks in Italy
There are 4 main players dominating the Italian mobile network operator market: Telecom Italia (TIM), Vodafone, Wind Tre. Iliad
26 Dec, 2020 , 0
Random questions and answers about living in Italy
Random questions and answers...
So you are thinking to come in live in Italy and have many questions….. wondering where to live, what to do, do I need a visa, can I move to Italy without a job, how long can or will I stay, where will I stay, will I live alone.....
5 Jun, 2020 , 0
Renter’s Market created by Covid-19
Renter’s Market created by C...
Covid-19 has created a renter’s market and a great opportunity for those seeking a new place.
27 Apr, 2020 , 0
Learning Italian Ideas
Learning Italian Ideas
The best ways to start learning Italian! Having even a basic grasp of Italian could help you to land a job, make friends and just make your everyday life a little bit easier.
24 Mar, 2020 , 0
How to stay fit in Milan
How to stay fit in Milan
We have listed a few ways that you can stay fit and healthy in Milan no matter what your budget is.
24 Mar, 2020 , 0
Renting in Italy – What you need to know
Renting in Italy – What you ...
A detailed article with bullet points about Renting in Italy with all you need to know. Renting in Italy will most probably not be like the same experience in your own country.
24 Mar, 2020 , 0
How to send a ‘Lettera Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno’
How to send a ‘Lettera Racco...
How to send a Lettera Raccommandata in Italy. Often used to cancel a property rental contract early.
23 Mar, 2020 , 0
Having a Pet in Italy – What you Need to Know
Having a Pet in Italy – What...
Are you planning to get a pet? Are you moving to Italy and taking your pet with you? Well, have no fear, below you can find everything ....
12 Oct, 2019 , 0
Open a Bank Account in Italy – How and Where
Open a Bank Account in Italy...
Everything you need to know about setting up your Italian bank account.
1 Oct, 2019 , 0
Writing your CV and Cover Letter in Italy
Writing your CV and Cover Le...
Let’s see how you can win over Italian recruiters. Tips on preparing your CV and for the interview
1 Oct, 2019 , 0
Working in Italy – Contracts
Working in Italy – Contracts...
We’ve got the basics that will help you get more informed about the types of contract that are on offer in Italy.
1 Oct, 2019 , 0
Milan v Rome – Best Expat City
Milan v Rome – Best Expat Ci...
...Milan or Rome, to see which will be crowned the best city for expats. Who will be victorious?
27 Sep, 2019 , 0
Where to Shop in Milan
Where to Shop in Milan
A list of the cool places to go on a shopping spree!
26 Sep, 2019 , 0
Interview Tips: How to Get a Job in Italy
Interview Tips: How to Get a...
We have 7 top tips to help you survive interviews in Italy!
26 Sep, 2019 , 0
Jobs for Expats in Milan
Jobs for Expats in Milan
Learn what are the best jobs for expats in Milan and how to get one!
5 Sep, 2019 , 0
5 Cool Cafés to Work and Study in Milan
5 Cool Cafés to Work and Stu...
Discover five cool cafés that you’ll be excited to work from.
5 Sep, 2019 , 0
4 Winter Day Trips from Milan
4 Winter Day Trips from Mila...
Escape Milan this winter and explore somewhere new, here are four fantastic day trips that
5 Sep, 2019 , 0
4 Autumn Day Trips from Milan
4 Autumn Day Trips from Mila...
Escape Milan this autumn and see a little more of the country’s beauty, here are five unmissable day trips that you should take.
5 Sep, 2019 , 0
The Best International Schools in Milan
The Best International Schoo...
We have summarized the best international schools in Milan to help you decide.
31 Aug, 2019 , 0
Family Life in Milan
Family Life in Milan
There are a lot of indoor and outdoor activities on offer in Milan that will be fun for all the family
30 Aug, 2019 , 0
Best Areas to Live in Milan
Best Areas to Live in Milan
In this article we will discuss about the strategical housing options in Milan depending on ...
20 Aug, 2019 , 0
Making Milan Feel Like Home
Making Milan Feel Like Home
Where to buy things for the house (casalinghi) for practical and also bellezza, you know add your touch. Of course ...
19 Aug, 2019 , 0
I’ve managed to find my own peaceful, feels-like-home spaces in this beautiful city’s hidden streets. Despite its look from the outside...
16 Aug, 2019 , 0