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Making Milan Feel Like Home

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August 19, 2019

Making Milan Feel Like Home

Where to buy things for the house (casalinghi) for practical and also bellezza, you know add your touch. Of course there is Ikea but this article gives some offbeat options and some local markets etc….

Welcome to Milan! Have you already settled into an apartment or are you still in need of some tools and practical furniture equipment? The first place we think of when we need tools for our house is of course Ikea which you can find in almost every city. Here in Milan, there are two: one is called IKEA Milano Corsico and the other IKEA Milano San Giuliano.

Ikea MilanThe easiest way to arrive to IKEA is by car, you can just buy your stuff, load them into your car and go back home. But if you don’t have a car another solution is to go to the Biscegli metro stop (for IKEA Corsico), take the IKEA bus which costs 1 Euro and arrive to the store. (They refund you the 1 Euro once you finish your shopping) Another option is to buy online and pay for the shipping.


Of course, Ikea is a big solution to our problems but not all of us have the time to go to the other side of the city whenever we need a simple tool. For this purpose, there are small and big stores inside Milan that sell everything you might need. Also, always keep in mind that all around Milan, there are a lot of Chinese stores that sell from beauty products to house equipment, from cloths to toys. Just remember that if you see a Chinese store it is worth a look, ask them what you are looking for and maybe they have it. (But don’t forget that it might not be a good quality one)


However, we should not forget that there are stores that actually sell “Made in Italy” products, which means you can always trust the quality! These stores are called Casalinghi, meaning objects and tools for domestic use. So wherever you see them it is worth a look!


Here is a list to help you find the tools for your house but also, some other stuff such as personal care, beauty products or stationery and so on.



  • Bricocenter

Bricocenter is a big store where you can find all the useful stuff for your house for acceptable prices. In Milan there are 6 stores.




AUMAI is actually a supermarket that sells more than just grocery. There are 6 of them in Milan but the most central one is in Piazzale Loreto, just on the corner. You can see it very easily since the store is located on several floors. Council floor is -1 where you can find many useful objects for the house and the ground floor is only for personal care.

Address: Piazzale Loreto, 5, 20127 Milano MI

Tel: 02 261 8246



  • HighTech


Hidden behind the buildings of Garibaldi, this labyrinth contains everything -literally everything- you will need. From a pen to bicycle, a carpet to perfume you can find anything in here. This Narnia is nicely decorated, and the design of the products is out of the ordinary.


I would recommend this store not only for its products but also because of its beautiful location. You can simply walk from there to Brera district or go to China Town if you’re still searching for some utilities.


Address: Piazza XXV Aprile, 12, 20124 Milano (MI)

Tel: 02 624 1101



  • Casalinghi Ferramenta Olivieri di Patuano Carmen


Situated right next to the Piola Metro Stop (Green Line), this small store is so equipped that you can find anything you need there. Also, the lady and the man there know everything very well so if you need an equipment and if they don’t have it there yet, they find a replaceable equipment for your choice that can work the same way. Or else, they are able to order it for you!

Address: Via Antonio Bazzini 1, 20131, Milano (MI)


Tel: 0270600784

Cell: 3343233263


  • Ferramenta Casalinghi Scannavino


Again another very small store but they really have everything! Very convenient for those looking for something close to home without going in the usual ways that are always out of town. Friendly helpful staff and know how to give you proper advice. Though prices are sometimes a little bit high.


Address: Via Plinio, 22, 20129 Milano (MI)

Tel: 02 2952 3135


  • Buonmercato

Like I said, there are a lot of Chinese markets and here you can find everything! Here they sell cables, envelops, beauty products, clothing and even Halloween costumes. So basically, everything for very cheap price!

Address: Via Antonio Stradivari, 4, 20131 Milano MI

Tel: 02 4549 1008





That’s it for all! For further suggestions I would recommend the area between Loreto and Porta Venezia, around Corso Buenos Aires there are many casalinghi stores so it is for sure you can find anything in Milan to feel like home! Wish you a happy and peaceful stay here!

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