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January 6, 2021

Guide to Parking in Rome

Are you are a foreigner and coming to live and stay in Rome with your car? Even though you’ll be surprised to know that parking in Rome is easier than in many other cities in Italy and even big cities in the rest of the world, it can still be a pain the butt!

This Rome parking guide outlines the basic rules, laws, and local habits, as well as giving you a few tips.

Hopefully being armed with this basic knowledge of the roman parking rules will reduce your chances of getting any parking tickets while in Rome.

When scouring the streets or Rome trying to find that elusive spot to park you should be aware that there are 4 colors that mark the different parking zones in Rome: blue, white, yellow, and pink.

  • Blue is paid,
  • White is free,
  • Yellow is for handicapped drivers, and
  • Pink is for pregnant women or mothers with newborns.


Is there free parking in Rome?

Yes, you read correctly, there actually is free parking in Rome.

Free parking zones in Rome are marked by white spaces and have a maximum time limit of 3 hours. These areas are most often found near Rome’s 6 hospitals:

  • Bambino Gesù,
  • Santo Spirito,
  • Giovanni-Addolorata,
  • Oftalmico,
  • Nuovo Regina Margherita, and

There are also free parking areas in other parts of the city, but most of these are found within the ZTL zone.


ZTL – Zona Traffic Limitato (Limited Traffic Zones) 

Rome has a restricted area ZTL (“Zona Traffico Limitato”) in the city center where driving at certain times of the day is authorized only to locals with a permit, or at certain hours of the day without a permit. The permits are obtained by either work (usually diplomats), or by residence.

The ZTL-zones in Rome are controlled by video cameras and driving to restricted zones you are risking a fine anywhere between €90 to €350.

For more info and specific hours see ZTL Time Restrictions

Motorbikes or scooters are exempt and can enter and park inside the ZTL at anytime.


If you are renting a long term apartment rental in Rome, then make sure the rental contract is registered, and request that the owner grants you this permission when you are in the negotiating stages of closing the deal of the property rental. Not all owners wish to relinquish this privilege and you will have a better chance to obtain this permission as part of the rental negotiation. You will still need to apply and pay an annual fee of between €392 to €2032 depending on the type of car you have.

For more info on how to apply for a ZTL permessi per i residenti.


Parking garages

So whether you live inside or outside a ZTL zone your next challenge is to find a spot. Ha ha (evil laugh). Remember you will have to find a spot almost every day if you intend to use the car every day. It can take hours and you will stop laughing at those ‘silly’ little Smart cars.


We highly recommend renting a parking spot in a garage. You will save on parking fines and have less stress in your life.

The price of a parking space in a garage varies depending on

  • The zone
  • The size of your car

Expect to pay anywhere between €100 to €250 per month.


Daily car parks in Rome

Parking capacity in Centro Storico is very limited so the best option to park is a car park. Unlimited parking is set to car parks in the city centre. Parking rates in public car parks: € 1.00-5.00/hour, daily maximum € 12.00 – € 40.00

  • P1 – Villa Borghese – Viale del Galoppatoio, 33 – 00197 Roma
  • P2 – Vantaggio Parking – Via del Vantaggio, 44 – 00186 Roma
  • P3 – Autorimessa Spagna – Piazza Mignanelli, 8 – 00187 Roma
  • P4 – Parking Ludovisi – Via Ludovisi, 60 – 00187 Roma
  • P5 – Zaccardi – Via Sardegna, 38c – 00187 Roma
  • P6 – Pallacorda Parking – Via di Pallacorda, 5 – 00186 Roma
  • P7 – Parking Cavour – Via Ennio Quirino Visconti, 97 – 00193 Roma
  • P8 – Parking Avignonesi – Via degli Avignonesi – 00187 Roma
  • P9 – Garage Bissolati – Via Umbria, 15/A – 00187 Roma
  • P10 – Garage Formula 1 – Via Paola, 21 – 00186 Roma
  • P11 – Parking S.Maria – Via Di Santa Maria In Via, 13 – 00187 Roma
  • P12 – Parking Pilotta – Piazza Della Pilotta – 00187 Roma
  • P13 – Parking Loreto – Piazza Della Madonna Di Loreto – 00187 Roma
  • P14 – Parking S. Agata – Via di Sant’Agata dei Goti, 19 – 00187 Roma
  • P15 – Garage Palatino – Via Leonina, 44 – 00184 Roma
  • P16 – Parking – Via di San Paolo alla Regola, 26 – 00186 Roma
  • P17 – Parking Cinque Scole- Piazza Delle Cinque Scole – 00186 Roma
  • P18 – Parking Arquati – Piazza Giuditta Tavani Arquati – 00153 Roma
  • P19 – Parking Piscinula – Piazza In Piscinula – 00153 Roma
  • P20 – Parking Verita – Piazza Della Bocca Della Verità -00186 Roma


P+R Rome  (Park & Ride)

Cheap parking is set to the parking lots or car parks near several metro/train stations outside the city centre of Rome. Most park and ride lots cost € 2.00 for 12 hours, or € 3.00 for longer (up to all day).

  • P+R Batistini – Via Lucio II, 28 – 00167 Rome
  • P+R Valle Aurelio – Via Angelo Emo – Rome
  • P+R Rebibbia – Via Casal de’ Pazzi Rome
  • P+R Ponte Mammolo – Via delle Messi d’Oro Rome
  • P+R S. Maria del Soccorso – Via di Pietralata Rome
  • P+R Anagnina – Via Vincenzo Giudice Rome
  • P+R Cinecitta – Via Tuscolana 1568-1570 Rome
  • P+R Laurentina – Via Francesco De Suppe’ Rome
  • P+R Magliana – via Ostiense Rome
  • P+R Magliana – via Ostiense Rome
  • P+R Via Bonelli – Via della Magliana Nuova Rome
  • P+R San Pietro – Via della Staz. S. Pietro, 52“ Rome

If you however decide to park in the streets the color of the lines on the parking spot indicates the type of parking; white is for free parking, blue is for paid parking.

For blue lines there will be a payment machine nearby. You will get some type of receipt indicating how long you can stay (the time your parking expires is usually printed on the receipt). Put this receipt in the car window so it is visible for control. If you are living in a luxury long term apartment rental in the centre of Rome and you find free parking spots with white lines you can park for free, but always check if there are any signs around that indicate for how long you can park there.

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