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August 20, 2019

Best Areas to Live in Milan

In this article we will discuss about the strategical housing options depending on your profile (student/family/businessman) and we will be giving you advice and useful information about what you should consider before choosing your accommodation.

First of all, as many other European cities, Milan is a historical city based on rings. These rings help to regulate the city easily and divide it into zones.


milan map


These rings help to regulate the city easily and divide it into zones.



If you know a bit of Italian and if you’re familiar with these type of city plans then you can quickly catch the logic. The 1st and the 2nd rings of Milan are the most prestigious areas, where you can access to everything you need easily and transportation is very rich in these areas. You can reach from one place to another with different transportation options. Here is the actual transportation map of Milan, you can compare it to the divisions of the city.


By the end of 2022, there will be a new metro line (M4) that will be as in the figure. You can already see the change in the city following this line, the properties are increasing in value and the spaces around are being renovated.

However, if you are willing to rent/buy a car, it is essential that you pay attention to the Italian rules of the road. The Area C (until the 3rd ring in the map) has limitations so we would advise you to follow the regulations very well.

Anyway, let’s start with these 9 zones to help you have a better idea!



Historic Centre Milan

The historic heart of Milan, on one side the old stone monuments and on the other side the elegant buildings that characterize different centuries and different styles. The neighborhoods are family-safe and suitable for studios such as monolocale and bilocale. Another campus of the University of Milan is situated here. Buildings such as Rinascente, ISPI, Palazzo Reale, The Institution of insurance are situated here. If you are one of those people who prefer to stay where the history lives then you should search for your flat here!



Central Station Milan

Milano Centrale is the district (in Italian quartiere) that was named after the famous railway station. This railway was the very first connection between the North and South in Italy. Piazza Della Repubblica situated right in front of the big station is rich in activities and famous buildings. The famous ones are Pirelli Tower, Montedoria, hotels such as Hyatt, Hilton Starhotels Ritz and so on. Thanks to its centrality, this area is suitable for both professionals and students. Having hotels almost in every corner increase the area’s security. During big events such as Design Week, Fashion Week, Centrale becomes a key place for touristic activities, and it becomes fascinatingly pretty.

You can find further information and follow events from the website of Centrale:



The first thing that comes in mind when you hear “Citta Studi” is the famous university Politecnico Di Milano and the University of Milan. In cities like Milan, the areas around universities tend to regenerate almost every few years to increase the quality of life for students and academic professionals because this increases also the rating of the university in the area. In Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, there has been an intense work for improving the urban standards. Here, flats are suitable mainly for students and professors that prefer to settle closer to their department. The area is rich in green and activities here are mostly suitable for academic life. Pubs, copy centers, bookstores, research laboratories, libraries and many other useful shops are mainly situated here.



Probably the safest and the most welcoming area of Milan, Porta Vittoria is the “refurbishing location” of this city where you can find the most comfortable and suitable apartment for you. It is favorable for students, families, couples, literally for everyone! The area is rich in green and very well planned and there are almost every day new places opening in this area.



As we can hear from its name, it’s another imposing gateway to the ancient Mediolanum. This historic Milanese gate is actually situated in a central neighborhood full of clubs, nice shops and served by surface transport and M3 underground. Underground station of the Milanese metro line MM3 (Gialla), San Donato – Comasina, located in piazzale Medaglie D’oro (Porta Romana). It is a transit station like many others, quite accurate and efficient. Outside a beautiful area of ​​Milan with many bars, restaurants and ancient monuments to visit. The buildings here are Fondazione Prada, QC Terme Milano (a very nice thermal bath), Cascina Cucagna, the School of Leonardo da Vinci, the Carcano Theater, CBA Italy, Alpha Test SRL, Edizioni Riza S.P.A an The University of Bocconi. All in all a well connected area that could serve well students or families looking for budget accommodation.



Porta Genova is an ancient district of Milan, with the Navigli neighborhood meeting the Milanese nightlife. The has area been going through a strong development of commercial activities and nightclubs. There is also the regional train station for Mortara – Alessandria. When you walk in any place of Porta Genova, you can see signs of art and design. It is definitely the best area for fashion students, designers and architects.

The buildings here are Armani Silos, MUDEC, Mediaworld, BASE Milano, VARCO S.P.A, Coop Lombardia, NABA Fine Arts Academy, Domus Academy, Cascina Argelati.



The zone 7 is kind of a transformation area from the historical city view to the new technological city life. Here you can find the fusion of old and new. Today the street of Via Washington is lined with numerous shops, concept stores for clothing and housing, bars and restaurants. Here is the home of the Moto Club Milano, founded in 1904 in the heart of the boulevard dedicated to George Washington, where you can still see buildings with architecture ranging from the nineteenth century, until the forties and fifties of the twentieth century. The area is suitable for everyone!



The new building up center of Milan, with high-rise buildings and commercial activities, this place is becoming a center of attraction for sure! What’s so characteristic about this area is the City Life and how the urban environment around it forms itself. The perfectly organized area is for people who seek for comfort and luxury.  The buildings here are Tre Torri, Asilo Nido, Ufficio Vendite Citylife, Salone Internazionale del Giocattolo, PWC Italy, INPS, Pime Missionary Center, Robert Bosch SPA, Piazza Portello, TBWA Italia SPA, Fondazione Fiera, Casa Milan.



Garibaldi is the busiest business district of Milan built up with high-rise buildings. Throughout time Garibaldi has become the cornerstone of this city with its perfect position in the map. It has great accessibility from the outside and inside of the city.

Here, you can find the buildings of Bosco Verticale, Torre Garibaldi A and B, Unicredit Tower, Palazzo Lombardia, BNP Paribas. Being the perfect contrast between old and new, this area has high quality apartments such as studio flats that have great view to the city. The area is perfect for business people!

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