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January 30, 2021

Best areas to live in Lisbon

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital built on a coastal hill with an amazing soul and history that it harbors inside. Just like Rome, Lisbon was built on hills and in fact, it is Western Europe’s oldest city. Under the streets of Lisbon lies the 2000-year-old Galerias Romanas.

Each year, Lisbon is getting more and more interest making it harder to find long-term rentals. For this reason, we have analyzed the city to find the most suitable areas for your profile.

Check the list below to find out more!


Avenidas Novas

© Alexander Svensson | Wikimedia

Starting from Avenida da Liberdade, Avenidas Novas was once the main entry point into Lisbon. As the city grows, the streets mark the axis growing northward and many of the luxurious palaces and business centers are concentrated here. Usually, middle-class, and upper-middle-class profiles prefer to live here.


easy access to services and commerce, central, spacious housing


traffic, lack of natural environment


Bairro Alto

© Rosino | Wikimedia

Bairro Alto district has a bohemian spirit with its cobbled streets, vivid street art, and musical nightlife. However, this neighborhood is considered safe since it has a low crime rate. The streets carry the sensation of Portugal with graffiti on the walls and laundry hanging outdoors. The area is mainly preferred by students, artists, and pensioners.


central, nightlife, entertainment


noisy at nights, streets get dirty easily



© Sonse | Wikimedia

Estrela is considered to be one of the best neighborhoods in Lisbon. Even though it is close to the city center, it is silent, green and the Jardim da Estrela (Estrela Park) is a great leisure option for kids. Lisbon’s landmark, the neoclassical Basilica de Estrela is also situated here and attracts many people. It is common to see families with kids that prefer to live in this area.


central, quiet, touristic


less co-working spaces, weak public transportation


Campo de Ourique

© Mercado de Campo de Ourique | Wikimedia

This district is located in the historic center of Lisbon and it gets pretty active during the day. It has both traditional and residential buildings and the famous Campo de Ourique market that sells fresh products is situated right here. In 2013, the Monocle Magazine elected this district as “one of the best neighborhoods outside the city center”. Upper-middle-class families and new young middle class that come to work prefer this area.


central, commerce diversity, neighborhood environment


no metro station


Parque de Nações

© K. H. Reichert | Wikimedia

Among Lisbon’s neighborhoods, Parque de Nações is the most modern district with new buildings near the Tagus River. It provides a great view and tranquility thanks to this river and attracts a lot of tourists. Most of the big companies’ headquarters such as Microsoft are located here. The famous shopping center Vasco da Game is situated here as well. Young entrepreneurs and businessmen prefer to live here.


fast-growing residential buildings and services, easy access, transportation


away from the center, no history


Príncipe Real

© Nan Palmero | Wikimedia

This upscale area is known for its centenary buildings and 19th century mansions that have been reused over time to provide restaurants, bars, shops, and charming nightlife. Still, it is a peaceful region with some tranquil spots near the Jardim de Príncipe Real. Just like the area, a good mix of people from various social groups and ages live here.


quiet, central, street shopping


the shortage of parking


Belém & Ajuda & Restelo

© Daniel Feliciano | Wikimedia

These quiet regions are further away from the center and have spacious houses, villas with gardens, and parking spaces. MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology), Pastéis de Belém (traditional pastry shop), Jerónimos Monastery (in UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Torre de Belém are situated here. Since the rents are relatively lower, usually middle class and lower profiles prefer to live in Belém and Ajuda whereas families that look for spacious houses prefer Restelo.


quiet, river, good view


far from the center, no metro

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