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December 15, 2020

Best Areas to Live in Berlin

The capital of Berlin is growing and each day it is getting more and more attractive to live here, increasing the prices and standards for residents. However, there are some interesting facts about Berlin that you should know:

  • Unlike any other European country, Germany is a country that is divided as East and West -whereas the rest of European countries are generally distributed as North and South-. This division affects also the cities, Berlin was once a city that was divided by 2 governments on 2 opposite sides.


  • Every hour, around 18 people move to a different neighborhood because they are not satisfied with their living standards.


  • After the fall of the Wall, Berlin was abandoned with low rent spaces making it the perfect place for low-budget artists. The mayor of Berlin called the city “Poor but sexy” in 2003 while other European capitals were developing fast.

Seems a bit complicated doesn’t it? This is why we’re here to help you find the most suitable area to live depending on your profile. So, check the list below!


The Northern District: Pankow

Berlin, Pankow | © Dguendel | Wikimedia


Including Prenzlauer Berg and Weißensee, the Northern district of Berlin provides everything you might need for your family. From playgrounds to daycare centers, there are plenty of facilities in this area. In fact, in a study with 30,000 experts that surveyed the city, Pankow gets the highest rating for the most livable area.


The City West

Kurfürstendamm | © Sebastian Rittau | Wikimedia


Formerly known as Neuer Westen is an area situated in the west of Berlin with commercial areas and the best and most expensive shops of the city. The area attracts tourists with the landmarks and provides various accommodation options. If you’re a businessman and prefer to live in the luxurious part of the city where you can find any leisure activities you want, this is it!


The Outskirts: Zehlendorf, Lichterfelde, Lichtenrade, Heiligensee

Berlin-Lichterfelde Luisenstraße | © Uwca | Wikimedia


If your primary criteria is to live in a silent, budget-wise area but also with promising standards, you might want to check the outskirts of Berlin. It takes around 40 minutes by public transport to reach the city center, but Berlin can assure you comfortable travel with its highly connected system. Here, you can leave the city life behind and enjoy the natural life.


Friedrichshain, Moabit and Wedding

Berlin Oberbaumbrücke | © Photomat | Pixabay


These areas are magnets for students because of their proximity to universities and offer many housing options -suitable for students- within bike reach to campuses of the Technical University and Humbolt University. The Friedrischain district attracts young residents, the center gathers nightlife locations with live music.



Mitte, Berlin, Germany | © lokiloth | Wikimedia


If you’re traveling to Berlin for some business opportunity or for touristic reasons, Mitte is definitely the best choice for first-timers! The meaning of Mitte is literally “The Center”, so you can find everything that you’re looking for right under your hand. Take a quick tour around this area and you will end up learning a lot from the cultural sightseeing. One last thing, this option might be a bit pricy, but it’s worth it!



Graffiti, Kreuzberg, Berlin | © Boris Mayer | Pixabay


Kreuzberg is a large area in the southern city center of Berlin without going too far. If you’re looking for a more economic accommodation than Mitte with a large number of alternatives, Kreuzberg is the best option. The district is described as the creative center of the city with a more artistic lifestyle. Besides street art, there are plenty of bars and restaurants.

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