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February 23, 2021

5 Life Changing Italian Digital Services

Need to cancel a rental contract, phone plan or Sky subscription?

Wanna skip the line at the Post Office or pay your bills online?

Would you like one login access for most public service websites?


Digital services in Italy have gained more popularity in the last years since they save time and are easy to use. Nowadays, most of the daily tasks can be done through these apps such as paying your bills, managing your taxes, sending digital letters, booking an appointment and so on. And the best thing is that every resident in Italy can benefit from these privileges! If you want to know how to use these life changing apps just scroll down!




SPID is a digital identity system that is valid for almost every institution. After requesting your SPID credentials, you can access the online services of public (and agreed private) administrations such as:

  • Health bookings
  • School enrolments
  • Bank payments
  • Public wi-fi networks

with a single password. This means that you won’t need different passwords and channels for every single task. It is also valid for the apps we have listed here, so it will come in handy if you decide to use any of them! SPID is nationally recognized, meaning that every operation you make is completely safe!


Every resident of Italy can request their own SPID through for free with a valid Italian identification document and tax code.


IO App

© io italia

Probably still needs some improvements but this app has a similar idea of SPID. It collects all the public services in one app that you can use on your smartphone. Also, the IO application works with the same credentials of SPID. With this app you can:

  • See your payments due
  • Use Cashback
  • Online payments with your credit cards securely saved
  • Check your fines

Don’t worry, it’s totally secure as it’s nationally recognized!


Download the application by visiting


Poste Italiane

© eurogiro

There is no way you can live in Italy without having some business in the post office. However, the problem is that the residents here suffer a lot waiting for hours in lines even for simple stuff. By registering to the website of Posteitaline, you can access benefits such as:

  • Booking an appointment at the post office
  • Paying your bills online
  • Buying a sim card without delivering the original documents to the post office
  • Managing a digital signature


The registration is free and simple, just go to, and all you need is your fiscal code or use the SPID recognition!



© Tony Webster | Wikimedia

PEC (Posta Elettronica Certificata) is a certified email system with the same legal value as a registered letter (Raccomandata A/R). PEC is commonly used in Italy for many things like sending important documents to public bodies, receiving important emails from government agencies, or even simple things such as terminating a service earlier than agreed, for instance:

  • A rental contract
  • Internet monthly plan
  • Sky subscription
  • etc

If any of the above services are not officially terminated (via a registered letter or PEC), you will still be liable for ongoing monthly payments.

To do by registered letter (Raccomandata A/R) you would need to write a letter on paper, put in an envelope, go to the post office (and wait in line), and pay for a registered letter service.

To do by PEC you can do all online as an email. Plans vary but start from €5.50 / year. The same cost of one registered letter. A worthy investment. The Italian Post has the best deal for private people.





PagoPA is an electronic payment system designed to make any payment to public administrations  in a simpler and safer way. It is possible to make payments through the application or the website, totally recognized by the government. You can:

  • Pay your taxes
  • Stamp duties
  • Memberships
  • Educational fees

In short words, any payment to the central or local governments. The payment process is simple and fast, all you need to do is enter the IUV code on the bill and proceed to payment. It is completely safe, and all the public administrations have to join the system as it is required by law. To check the other benefits, go to


Download the application, register by using your SPID credentials, and start using the application!


For more information about the digitalization of services stay updated on

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